Last Man Standing

Welcome to Dromard GAA- Last Man Standing.
All you need to do is nominate a premiership winning team each week until you are the Last Man Standing
 - if your team win's, to continue to the next week. Loses or Draws your OUT!!
If your box reads "OUT", your team has been eliminated due to your selection either drawing or losing the previous week.
If you remain standing , please send in your selection before 11 AM on the friday of the weekend matches,
with your name(very important) on a weekly basis to email: or text 087 6612018
If you do not make a selection on time then an alphabetically selected team will be allcated to see (see Rule's) 
The last man/woman standing will win or share a prize of €500.
Entry Fee is €10 Euro.   Entries are invalid until all money is paid in full